Paper lunch box

Artpack paper food box

We launched a new item Paper Food Box, using 300 gsm one side white board for food products

Lot of existing users requested some good quality paper boxes for lunch box with competitive price from us. Customers get the paper food lunch boxes that are available on the market cost between $1.8-2.5. Most of the food stores alert the environmental problem, however they still use foam lunch boxes. Customers cannot refuse. They can only eat a meal and scold themselves once. Why not cook it by yourself and stop pollute the earth again.


For those who want to buy a reasonable paper food box,


We provide a standard size of 1200ml, 180x120x50mm, only white,


Suitable for Chinese and Western lunches, pastries, hot and cold snacks, bento, etc.


In view of the fact that we can only gradually increase the size one by one. We hope that all merchants understand and support us.